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Sarcophagus of Irtierut, son of Pa-di-Her and Taremenube

Profusely decorated anthropomorphic sarcophagus, with well-defined and expressive eyebrows and eyes on a soft and rounded face, surrounded by tripartite thick hair, with protruded ears. The front decoration depicts a multiple tier flower necklace, followed by the winged Nut goddess with her name on top and holding two maetical feathers. The deceased is on each side facing Osiris who is then seen on a bed, lit by the sun rays, accompanied by her ba, with four canopic jars under the bed. The symbol of Abydos with Isis and Nephthys on each side follows, and then five vertical columns with a text. This central part also has various mythical figures inside chapels on the sides. In this part, as in the whole sarcophagus, the space that is left free by the images and decoration if gilled with hieroglyphic texts in a context, and displays hieroglyphs painted in black with a yellow background (excepting the two central vertical columns which have a dark background). Below, and in an inverted position, is goddess Isis, with two dogs and two udjat eyes. The braided wig falls on the back, and the main item is the djed pillar of Osiris, decorated with serpents and finished with Amon plumes, horns and two serpents with solar disks, and the pillar’s foot has eight baboons in a veneration pose. The sarcophagus base is filled with an inscription in its full four sides. The texts are very repetitive; we leave and example of a text, that is painted on the feet and base and which summarizes the other inscriptions.

Text on the feet: “Words said by Isis, your sister. Oh Osiris Irtierut, justified, daughter of Padihor, justified, lady of veneration, of Ra-Horakhty, great god, daughter of the lady of the house, her mother, Tarenenutet, justified, lady of veneration of Ra.” And next to it: “Words said by Nephthys, your sister (an identical text to Isis’ follows)”.

On the base: “Offering from the king to Osiris, lord of the West, great god, lord of Abydos, so that he may give a beautiful alabaster sarcophagus in the Western necropolis. May (she) enter and leave Ra-setau in peace, in the necropolis of the mighty West, Osiris Irtierut, justified, lady of veneration. Oh Osiris Irtierut, justified, lady of veneration.”

Late Period, 25th-26th dynasty, c. 712-525 BC
Wood covered with painted plaster
Height: 180 cm; width: 50,8 cm

Inv. nº. 10307